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How to use a Air Impact Wrench NEWS

How to use a Air Impact Wrench

Pneumatic torque wrench is a torque wrench powered by a high-pressure air pump. A torque multiplier with three or more epicyclic gears driven by one or two powerful air motors. The torque is controlled by adjusting the gas pressure. To allow for a specific torque demand setting, each tool is equipped with a dedicated gas-to-torque comparison chart and calibration report. And for further application, the pneumatic torque wrench can be equipped with a torque sensor at the same time to make the output torque more accurate. The air supply can be switched off manually or automatically using a suitable circuit system after the required torque has been achieved.

pneumatic wrench is a hand-held rotary pneumatic tool that can accurately set the torque to complete the locking or dismantling of nuts and bolts; the control part is realized by the voltage regulator and power management system, and the mechanical part adopts the planetary gear of the reduction mechanism

The operation of the pneumatic torque wrench is quiet - less than 85dB(A), there is absolutely no impact effect, and the damage to the tool, socket and locked object is reduced, these two factors can make the tool user operate comfortably, reduce the Fatigue, improve safety, the maximum torque can reach 300,000N.m.

Pneumatic torque wrench provides precise torque control - ±5% repeatability, with sensor + solenoid valve switch, repeatability up to ±2%. Pneumatic torque wrenches are widely used in aerospace, mining, petrochemical, railway, construction, Heavy-duty vehicle assembly and maintenance, heavy-duty equipment loading and unloading and many other fields, especially in product production assembly lines, are widely used, especially where high torque is required.

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